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Health Regulation Sector (HRS)



​​​​​The Sector oversees the healthcare facilities and professionals in Dubai , including free zones. HRS  main functions are focused on:

  • Developing regulatory standards, policies and legislations necessary for the sustainable growth and development of the health sector
  • Issuing licensure of healthcare facilities as well as healthcare professionals
  • Supervising and inspecting healthcare professionals and facilities to ensure compliance to healthcare standards in addition to managing patient’s complaints
  • Governing the provision of health tourism services in Dubai by establishing and developing the infrastructure, legislation, policies and regulation
  • Preparing and adopting the necessary foundations and standards for the governance and management of health informatics


Health Policies and Standards Department​

The department is responsible to develop, update and follow up the implementation of health sector regulation and policies for the licensure of healthcare facilities and professionals and the governance systems of the healthcare services in the emirate of Dubai in line with federal and local laws and health planning.

Health Licensing Department

The department is responsible for healthcare facilities and professionals’ licensure evaluation and processing in line with the unified guideline and DHA standards and regulations. Licensing services are all offered through a comprehensive online system (Sheryan) which aims to upgrade the healthcare sector and its services in the emirate of Dubai

Clinical Audit and Control Department

The department is responsible for developing audit standards and maintaining regular inspection process of healthcare professionals and facilities identifying cases of medical malpractice, drug errors and managing medical complaints by taking necessary measures. In addition to the establishment of a classification and evaluation system of facilities to ensure effective and efficient healthcare services delivery in line with global best practices

Health Tourism Department

The department is responsible for strengthening governance and regulatory framework for health tourism services, healthcare facilities and facilitators that offer health tourism services in the emirate of Dubai. It focuses on developing and building a brand for health tourism services in alignment with Dubai’s brand and its position as a global destination for investment, trade and tourism. Its mandate also includes creating partnerships between government and private organizations to promote and support health tourism and to develop and create unique packages for health tourism services in alignment with the emirate’s brand and in collaboration with accredited healthcare providers and other health tourism providers and facilitators.

Health Informatics and Smart Health Department

The department is responsible for developing policies and applying a holistic governance framework in order to establish and manage the Health information Exchange Platform across the Emirate of Dubai, all in which support evidence-based decision making, ensure Health information security and patient privacy

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